Lawn Care Tips

How to get a perfect lawn is what most homeowners want to know. A good grass is not easily won. There are many determinants that influence into a healthy soil. It is not only to thoroughly care for the lawn, by mowing, trimming and irrigating, but you have to feed it too. Feeding the soil is more important than you may think. However, you have to start from choosing the soil that more suits with your yard. A typical mistake of many beginners is to have a non-ideal soil, which will carry important troubles afterwards.

Understanding the basics of lawn growing, which are basically water and nutrients is not enough. It depends on more than these factors. What you should do first, is to make a study to evaluate your ground situation, and then select the proper soil. In order to allow watering and fertilizing the lawn as it should be, your must choose a soil equipped to capture fertilizers and water adequately. Keep clear in mind that the ground is the lifeline of your lawn, it is impossible to keep a healthy lawn with an unhealthy soil.

Soil Conditioners And Amendments

Amendments and soil conditioners are products to apply to the ground for better watering and fertilizing. If added adequately and regularly, they will improve the quality of the soil. Ground amendments are used exclusively for clay and sandy soil. To break up the clay is the principal advantage of using ground amendments, when featuring clay grounds.Sandy soils can not retain nutrients and water very well. Thus they need an amendments to help with drainage related things. Back again to clay soils and thinking on more solutions. Roots might have a hard time to expand properly with clay grounds, looking for and digging in for nutrients underground. A practical solution may be to mix some wood chips, bark or peat into the yard soil. This will allow better water and air circulation, just by breaking it up.

Herbicides To Fight Weeds And Get Healthy Grass

Once the lawn has been planted, installed and mowed at least four times, then you are ready to start applying herbicides. First of all apply a pre-emergent herbicide to treat weed seeds. Pre-emergent will prevent wider weed infestations. This type of solution needs a very short grass to reach the seeds easier. However, pre-herbicides will not save your lawn from seeds. You need then to apply post-herbicides to keep them out of the grass.

No matter what kind of grass features your yard, the lawn care season lasts the whole year. However, since there are many different kinds of grass, there are also a different growing season for every single type. Thatís why you must start fertilizing your lawn at the beginning of every growing season. Remember the date of the first fertilizing, and repeat at the same date for the next years coming.

Lawn care fertilizers come in many different types. Working with fertilizers may be extremely dangerous due to their chemical components. Therefore, they must be treated carefully. Your lawn might get even burned if not applied adequately, so read the instructions manual before start working. Chemical fertilizers can simply be replaced by organic fertilizers for safety reasons. Organics are currently, the most suitable alternative for any kind of grass. Further readings on lawn care at

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